About Us
Our Vision
When your organization needs training, it is reassuring to know that your employees are being trained by some of the most experienced instructors that the industry has to offer. GCSC takes extreme pride in training workers who are or will be working in industry.

Our purpose has always been to train personnel so that they, along with their organizations, will enjoy a safer, healthier work environment.

GCSC intends to challenge industry to continually improve the training of personnel on their industrial sites by helping to develop "Site-Specific" Orientations. Contract companies are seeing the benefit of using the safety council to conduct new hire orientation or Company-Specific training. Site-Specific and Company-Specific training creates an advantageous situation to all involved in the areas of:

Cost Effectiveness
  • Reduces training sessions by up to 50% through the use of managing the students time effectively
  • Reduces overall training costs as it relieves unnecessary costs associated with the plant's infra-structure (cost of building, supplies, employees time, etc.)
  • Reduces external cost by lowering the cost of Basic Orientation Plus training
Quality of Training
  • Allows for information that is specific to the plant to be supplemented into the curriculum while redundant information may be omitted; this improves the quality of training in that workers will be oriented to a greater degree within their environment
Convenience of Training
  • Site-Specific and Company-Specific may be conducted through any GCSC training center
  • Instructor led sessions may also be requested for the convenience of on-site instruction
Computer Based Training
  • Used throughout the industry for contractor orientations
  • Used to heighten the awareness level of the student
  • Used for operations and maintenance skills training
The idea of Council taught "Site-Specific and Company-Specific" Orientation has been used to a high degree of success by other safety councils throughout the United States. Through the innovation of Computer Based Training (CBT), GCSC will work to "partner" with the industry to develop site specific training, and make available at locations across the country.
Our Mission
"To provide our customers a safer worker through cost effective and innovative training that will meet and/or exceed mandated training requirements that will be viewed by our customers as adding value.
Our Profile
The Gulf Coast Safety Council (GCSC) was formed in 1991, under its original name, the Greater New Orleans Industrial Educational Council. It was formed by owners of petro-chemical processing plants and the contractors that service those installations, to provide high quality industrial education for plant personnel and contract workers. Since its inception, GCSC annually trains as many as 22,000 workers in Generic Industrial Safety Orientation. Progressive industrial plants and construction firms, located along the Gulf Coast, are consistently finding GCSC to be a cost effective alternative to in-house training venues. Our proactive training methods have provided a win-win situation for the owners of industrial plants, as well as the contractors that work within the plants.

GCSC is also working to supply the shipbuilding, commercial construction, and health care industries with methods to conduct various forms of training that suits their needs. Through diversification of industrial segments, we hope to continue to lower training costs, as well as provide quality training to all organizations that have a desire to improve safety and create a healthier work environment. If GCSC does not currently offer a course that suits your training needs, please feel free to contact us so that we may work with you in the development and implementation of new training.