GCSC Membership Benefits​

GCSC is currently accepting new applications for membership. Membership has many advantages, due to our non-profit designation, in that it allows us to lower our fees for members and non-members. If your organization needs GCSC to train 25 or more people for Basic Orientation Plus or Basic Orientation Plus Refresher, it is cost efficient to become a member of our organization based on the training discount alone.​

Discounted Rates on All Courses

In addition to discounts on the Basic Orientation Plus, GCSC Members also receive discounts on all Site-Specific Courses, General Safety Courses, Social Security Verifications, and more!

Free Custom Course Development

Most companies spend thousands of dollars to have a customized training course developed for their workforce. Why not do it for free? GCSC has the ability to custom develop a course for any GCSC Member, at no charge! The course is then assigned a small, per-student cost to be collected at the time of use, so you only pay for it when you need it.

Free Online Student History Look-Up

Included in your online access account, you have the ability to verify the training history of any person in your company. The current fee is $100.00 for non-members. Access to trainee course history is extremely helpful for lost training cards, company audits, or simply inquiring about a course expiration date.

Ability to Participate on Committees

GCSC conducts various committee meetings to assist in the operation and decision making on certain topics. Our membership is welcomed to participate. Contact us for more information, or to find out what committees are eligible for Members.

Current Membership dues are $500 annually, and are billed out every January. Join today and begin working with other Members of industry to do your part in creating a safer workforce.

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