Bayou Industrial Alliance (BIA)
The Bayou Industrial Alliance (BIA) was formed by the Association of Builders and Contractors - Bayou Chapter (ABC), the Gulf Coast Safety Council (GCSC), and the Greater New Orleans Business Roundtable (GNOBR).

The purpose of the BIA is to:
  • Facilitate discussion, debate, and dialogue over key issues affecting the industry in an open and professional atmosphere where individuals feel free to speak their personal views
  • Challenge Owners and Contractors to higher standards with faster implementation
  • Educate employees in the latest craft, safety, and technological programs while utilizing certified instructors
  • Avoid duplication of services and offer cost-efficient opportunities for industry advancement
  • Promote awareness of the construction industry as a viable career path
Events, Meetings, and Promotion of Views:
  • The BIA shall host quarterly debates, speakers, and discussion meetings according to the statement of purpose within the Bayou region
  • The BIA affiliate representatives shall meet monthly to develop cutting-edge programming
  • When the BIA promotes itself or its view to the public, it shall abide by all governing standards set forth by each of the affiliate members
If you have any questions regarding BIA, please contact one of the affiliate member representatives below.

Angela Latino-Geier - ABC Bayou Chapter - 504-468-3188
Shelly Guilbeau - GCSC - 504-469-7787
Steve Springer - GNOBR - 504-712-0512