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Anyone wishing to attend training must register for the course prior to arrival. Computer-based training is available Monday through Friday from 7:00am to 3:00pm (excluding holidays). The Basic Orientation Plus is held at 6:30am, Monday through Friday, and the Spanish Basic Orientation is held every Wednesday at 6:30am (excluding holidays). All other Instructor led courses must have a minimum number of students to hold class. All listed times are approximate. Please note that a Social Security Verification is required for all first-time students, unless otherwise noted.
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DOT Pipeline Operator Qualifications
19OQABAN Abandonment of Facilities $22.00/$32.00
19OQATMC Atmospheric Corrosion $22.00/$32.00
19OQPLCS Basic Electronics: PLCs $22.00/$32.00
19OQSCDA Basic Electronics: SCADA $22.00/$32.00
19OQRIT Cathodic Protection Criteria $22.00/$32.00
19OQRECT Cathodic Protection-Rectifier Inspections $22.00/$32.00
19OQCTHP Cathodic Protection Troubleshooting $22.00/$32.00
19OQCGI CGIs Flame Ionization Units $22.00/$32.00
19OQGAS Characteristics and Properties of Natural Gas $22.00/$32.00
19OQCCYL Compressor Operation: Compressor Cylinders $22.00/$32.00
19OQGSPI Compressor Operation: Gas Path Integrity $22.00/$32.00
19OQENBL Compressor Operation: Power Cylinder Balancing $22.00/$32.00
19OQTRBU Compressor Operation: Turbine Units $22.00/$32.00
19OQCSOS Compressor Station Operations & Safety $22.00/$32.00
19OQDPRV Damage Prevention: Locating and Marketing Pipeline $22.00/$32.00
19OQWELD Electric Arc Welding $22.00/$32.00
19OQINSL Electrical Insulator Inspection & Testing Casings $22.00/$32.00
19OQELFS Electrofusion $22.00/$32.00
19OQEMER Emergency Plans & Public Contractor Education $22.00/$32.00
19OQELCF Fundamentals of Electricity $22.00/$32.00
19OQGCNT Gas Control $22.00/$32.00
19OQHOTT Hot Tapping and Stopping $22.00/$32.00
19OQRVLV Inspecting & Testing Relief Valves, Regulators & C $22.00/$32.00
19OQANOD Installation of Anodes $22.00/$32.00
19OQPLS1 Installation of Plastic Mains and Services-Part 1 $22.00/$32.00
19OQPLS2 Installation of Plastic Mains and Services-Part 2 $22.00/$32.00
19OQSTLM Installation of Steel Mains and Services $22.00/$32.00
19OQITST Installation of Test Stations $22.00/$32.00
19OQACDC Interference (A/C and D/C) $22.00/$32.00
19OQINTC Internal Corrosion Monitoring $22.00/$32.00
19OQPINV Investigating Pipeline Failure $22.00/$32.00
19OQPFAIL Leak & Pipeline Failure Investigation $22.00/$32.00
19OQLEAK Leak Survey & Leak Classification $22.00/$32.00
19OQMECH Mechanical Fittings $22.00/$32.00
19OQSAFT Natural Gas Operations & Maintenance Safety $22.00/$32.00
19OQODOR Odorization $22.00/$32.00
19OQEXCV OSHA/DOT-Excavation Safety $22.00/$32.00
19OQOAWL Oxygen/Acetylene Welding $22.00/$32.00
19OQPSSR Pipe-to-Soil Surveys $22.00/$32.00
19OQPCRS Pipeline Crossings $22.00/$32.00
19OQPLKR Pipeline Leak Repair $22.00/$32.00
19OQPIG Pipeline Pigging $22.00/$32.00
19OQPURG Pipeline Purging $22.00/$32.00
19OQSHUT Pipeline Shutdown and Startup Planning $22.00/$32.00
19OQPPFS Plastic Pipe Fusion $22.00/$32.00
19OQPLPT Population Density Change & Pipeline Patrol $22.00/$32.00
19OQPTST Pressure Testing Steel & Plastic Pipelines $22.00/$32.00
19OQIGN Prevention Of Accidental Ignition $22.00/$32.00
19OQRCIP Protective Coatings $22.00/$32.00
19OQRCIP Reciprocating Compressor Units $22.00/$32.00
19OQABN Recognize & React to Abnormal Operating Conditions $22.00/$32.00
19OQUPRT Up-Rating Pipeline Systems $22.00/$32.00
19OQVALV Valve Maintenance $22.00/$32.00
19OQVOPR Valve Operators $22.00/$32.00
19OQWRPR Weld Repairs and Welding Procedures $22.00/$32.00
19OQWQUL Welder Qualification***PREREQUISTE 19OQWELD $22.00/$32.00
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