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Anyone wishing to attend training must register for the course prior to arrival. Computer-based training is available Monday through Friday from 7:00am to 3:00pm (excluding holidays). The Basic Orientation Plus is held at 6:30am, Monday through Friday, and the Spanish Basic Orientation is held every Wednesday at 6:30am (excluding holidays). All other Instructor led courses must have a minimum number of students to hold class. All listed times are approximate. Please note that a Social Security Verification is required for all first-time students, unless otherwise noted.
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General Courses
08AED AED Training (Must complete 08FIRSTA prior to taking) $30.00/$40.00
19AERIAL Aerial Lift Safety Awareness $30.00/$40.00
19ARIALS Aerial Lift Safety Awareness - Spanish $20.00/$30.00
19ABSSP Advanced Basic Safety - Spanish $35.00/$45.00
09AIRBW Air Bottle Watch $25.00/$35.00
03AW Asbestos Awareness (CSCCB) $30.00/$40.00
09ASB Asbestos Awareness (ISTC) $30.00/$40.00
08FIRSTA CPR (Basic Adult and First Aid) Required to take 08AED upon completion $75.00/$85.00
A08GSC Basic Gas Monitoring (ARSC) $20.00/$30.00
08BOP Basic Orientation Plus® $45.00/$65.00
08BOPR Basic Orientation Plus-Refresher® $45.00/$65.00
08BOPSP Basic Orientation Plus® Spanish $45.00/$65.00
08BOPRSP Basic Orientation Plus Refresher Spanish $45.00/$65.00
08NR-BG Basic Read Assist – Non-Reciprocal $45.00/$65.00
A08BNZ Benzene Awareness Training (ARSC) $20.00/$30.00
03BZ Benzene Awareness Training (CSCCB) $20.00/$30.00
A08BBP Bloodborne Pathogens (ARSC Reciprocal) $15.00/$30.00
19CRVI Chromium VI $20.00/$30.00
12CODUSP Combustible Dust Awareness for Coal Proctored - PRB $19.00/$29.00
A08CSE Confined Space (ARSC) $25.00/$35.00
19CSSP Confined Space Spanish (Houston Area Safety Council) $20.00/$30.00
09BARGE Deck Barge Safety $25.00/$35.00
08DOTEMP DOT HazMat Employee (8 hr) Call for pricing
A08ELW Elevated Work (ARSC) $15.00/$30.00
TRFPCBTS Enhanced User Fall Protection and Scaffold User Training $20.00/$30.00
08EXAW Excavation Awareness Training $15.00/$30.00
19FSA Facility Security Awareness $40.00/$50.00
03FP Fall Protection (CSCCB) $45.00/$55.00
A08FWA Fire Watch Attendant (ARSC) $20.00/$30.00
19FIRE Fire Watch (Houston) $20.00/$30.00
04FKL Forklift Orientation - CSCB $20.00/$30.00
19FORKL Forklift Safety Awareness (Houston Area Safety Council) $40.00/$50.00
12HBR GBRIA Safety Fundamentals for Hydroblasting $21.00/$31.00
03HS H2S Refinery Trained $20.00/$30.00
08GHS Globally Harmonized System (GHS) Training $15.00/$25.00
03HPTW Hand and Power Tool Safety $20.00/$30.00
A08FEX Hands-On Fire Extinguisher Training (ARSC) $60.00/$70.00
08HAND Hand Safety Awareness $20.00/$30.00
08HANDSG Hand Signals for Mobile Equipment Movement $25.00/$35.00
08HAZWKR Hazwoper (40 hr) Oil Spill Response Worker Call for pricing
12SAFHZ1 Hazwoper First Responder Awareness $22.00/$32.00
08HAZAWR Hazwoper Level 1 (4 hr) First Resp. Awareness Level Call for pricing
08HZCTEC Hazwoper level 1-3 (40hr) Compreh HazMat Tech Call for pricing
08HZTECU Hazwoper Level 3 (16 hr) HazMat Technician Upgrade Call for pricing
19HEAR Hearing Conservation $20.00/$30.00
20HSA01 Heat Stress Awareness (TVTC) $21.00/$31.00
19HOTW Hot Work (Houston) $30.00/$40.00
12HUPRF Human Performance - Understanding HU $19.00/$29.00
19HFACID Hydrofluoric Acid $20.00/$30.00
20HFA01 Hydrofluoric Acid Awareness (TVTC) $19.00/$29.00
A08H2S Hydrogen Sulfide Training (ARSC) $20.00/$30.00
12HYTORC Hytorc - Principles of Safe Bolting $21.00/$31.00
19VPP Introduction of the Voluntary Protection Program $20.00/$30.00
03LA Lead Awareness $20.00/$30.00
A08LOF Line of Fire Training (ARSC) $15.00/$30.00
03MRSEC MARSEC $18.00/$28.00
19NORM Naturally Occuring Radioactive Material (NORM) $20.00/$30.00
08NFP701 NFPA 70E Module 1 $35.00/$40.00
08NFP702 NFPA 70E Module 2 $35.00/$40.00
19NASAP North American Substance Abuse Program - Supervisor $20.00/$30.00
08CON10 OSHA 10 - Construction $239.00/$249.00
08CON30 OSHA 30 - Construction $595.00/$605.00
08GEN10 OSHA 10 - General Industry $239.00/$249.00
08GEN30 OSHA 30 - General Industry $595.00/$605.00
09PD101 Pile Driving 101 $25.00/$35.00
19PTOOL Powered Hand Tools General Awareness $20.00/$30.00
12PSEXT PowerSafe Extended Orientation $23.00/$33.00
12PSGTP PowerSafe Generation Electronic Exam - Proctored $17.00/$27.00
12PSLINE PowerSafe Linemen $19.00/$29.00
12PSMETR PowerSafe Meter Reader $36.00/$46.00
12PSMETS PowerSafe Meter Service $43.00/$53.00
12PSOBSP PowerSafe Observer-Spotter $19.00/$29.00
12PSSUB PowerSafe Substation $19.00/$29.00
12TDBASE PowerSafe T&D Baseline $51.00/$61.00
12PSREF PowerSafe T&D Baseline Refresher $29.00/$39.00
12PSREFS PowerSafe T&D Baseline Refresher (Spanish) $29.00/$39.00
12PSBASP PowerSafe T&D Baseline - (Spanish) $62.00/$72.00
12PSTTC PowerSafe Temporary Traffic Control $19.00/$29.00
12PSVEG PowerSafe Vegetation $19.00/$29.00
A08PTW ProtectWatch (ARSC) $165.00/$215.00
03RCF Refinery Ceramic Fiber Training $20.00/$30.00
08RPT Respiratory Protection $15.00/$30.00
04RIGGER Rigger Orientation - CSCB $20.00/$30.00
12SAFBKC SAF Back Safety $22.00/$32.00
12SAFBBP SAF Bloodborne Pathogens $22.00/$32.00
12SAFCS SAF Confined Space Awareness $22.00/$32.00
12SAFDD SAF Defensive Driving $22.00/$32.00
12SAFELE SAF Electrical Safe Work $22.00/$32.00
12SAFFPC SAF Fall Protection $22.00/$32.00
12SAFFEX SAF Fire Extinguisher Basics $22.00/$32.00
12SAFFSW SAF Forklift Safety - Safety Awareness Fundamentals $22.00/$32.00
12SAFHZC SAF Hazard Communication $22.00/$32.00
12SAFHMT SAF Hazardous Material Transportation $22.00/$32.00
12SAFH2S SAF Hydrogen Sulfide $22.00/$32.00
12SAFLTO SAF Lockout Tagout $22.00/$32.00
12SAFMAR SAF Marine Safety Training $43.00/$53.00
12SAFPPE SAF Personal Protective Equipment $22.00/$32.00
12SAFRES SAF Respiratory Protection $22.00/$32.00
12SAFSCF SAF Scaffolding $22.00/$32.00
12SAFSIL SAF Silica Awareness $22.00/$32.00
12SAFSTF SAF Slips, Trips, and Falls $22.00/$32.00
12SAFTEX SAF Trenching and Excavation $22.00/$32.00
19SA5 Safety Awareness (Houston Area Safety Council) $30.00/$40.00
03SC Scaffold User (CSCCB) $30.00/$40.00
19SCAFUS Scaffold User (Houston Area Safety Council) $20.00/$30.00
04SC1 Scaffold User Orientation - CSCB $20.00/$30.00
19SXHE Sexual Harassment Employee Course $20.00/$30.00
08SSV Social Security Verification $5.00/$7.50
12SCGEN Southern Company Generation Safety Culture $7.00/$9.00
12SCGENS Southern Company Generation (Spanish) Safety Culture $7.00/$9.00
04SPTFLG Spotter/Traffic for Vehicle and Heavy Equipment $20.00/$30.00
08STEP Supervisory Training Excellence Program (STEP) $250.00/$300.00
A08SAA Supplied Air Attendant (ARSC) $40.00/$50.00
08TREXC Trenching & Excavation Competent Person $145.00/$165.00
19WJTA WaterJet Technology Association Training $40.00/$50.00
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