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Anyone wishing to attend training must register for the course prior to arrival. Computer-based training is available Monday through Friday from 7:00am to 3:00pm (excluding holidays). The Basic Orientation Plus is held at 6:30am, Monday through Friday, and the Spanish Basic Orientation is held every Wednesday at 6:30am (excluding holidays). All other Instructor led courses must have a minimum number of students to hold class. All listed times are approximate. Please note that a Social Security Verification is required for all first-time students, unless otherwise noted.
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Site-Specific Courses
08SPR Active Force of Protection - Strategic Petroleum Reserve $15.00/$25.00
19ALBPCV Air Liquide Bayport Complex Visitor Orientation $20.00/$30.00
19ALBHPU Air Liquide Borger HPU Orientation $20.00/$30.00
19ALCVO Air Liquide Channelview Visitor Orientation $20.00/$30.00
19ALCC Air Liquide Corpus Christi SMR Hydrogen Plant Orientation $20.00/$30.00
19ALFASU Air Liquide Freeport ASU Orientation $20.00/$30.00
19ALFHPU Air Liquide Freeport HPU Site Specific $20.00/$30.00
12ALGMP Air Liquide GMP and Food Safety $21.00/$31.00
19ALIASU Air Liquide Ingleside ASU Orientation $20.00/$30.00
19ALIHPU Air Liquide Ingleside HPU Plant Orientation $20.00/$30.00
19ALLSMR Air Liquide La Porte SMR Site Specific $30.00/$40.00
19ALLPVO Air Liquide La Porte Visitor Orientation $20.00/$30.00
19ALSWP Air Liquide Work Permitting Process $20.00/$30.00
19ALLASU Air Liquide Longview ASU Site Specific $30.00/$40.00
19ALLPOX Air Liquide Longview POX-ASU4 Plant Orientation $20.00/$30.00
12108AIR Air Liquide MRPL Site Orientation $24.00/$34.00
19ALNASU Air Liquide Nederland ASU Plant Orientation $20.00/$30.00
19ALPN Air Liquide Port Neches ASU & Co-Gen Plant Orientation $20.00/$30.00
19ALSASU Air Liquide Sulphur ASU Orientation $20.00/$30.00
19ALVASU Air Liquide Victoria ASU Site Specific $20.00/$30.00
12APALLS Air Products - All LA Sites - Spanish $44.00/$54.00
12APEGC Air Products - East Gulf Coast $44.00/$54.00
09APPA Air Products - Port Arthur $38.00/$48.00
12APWSMR Air Products Westlake SMR Site Orientation $21.00/$31.00
14DELKBS Alon Orientation $35.00/$45.00
12ALONKS Alon USA (Krotz Springs, LA) $21.00/$31.00
12AMRSTY Americas Styrenics (St. James, LA) $22.00/$32.00
08ARKEMA Arkema Site Specific Orientation $25.00/$35.00
09ARLANX Arlanxeo Orange Site Specific $38.00/$48.00
07APM_AN Ascend Performance Materials AN Unit $30.00/$40.00
07APMDST Ascend Performance Materials Distribution Unit $30.00/$40.00
07APMDPO Ascend Performance Materials DPO-Formalin Units $30.00/$40.00
07APMECU Ascend Performance Materials ECU Unit $30.00/$40.00
07APMLAB Ascend Performance Materials LAB Unit $30.00/$40.00
07APMHBA Ascend Performance Materials MHBA Unit $30.00/$40.00
07APMNAC Ascend Performance Materials NaCN Unit $30.00/$40.00
07APMNTA Ascend Performance Materials NTA-DSIDA Unit $30.00/$40.00
07ASCSO Ascend Performance Materials Site Orientation $35.00/$45.00
07ASHLND Ashland Site Specific $40.00/$50.00
08ASRDOM ASR Group/Domino Sugar Site Specific $15.00/$25.00
19FINAHO ATOFINA Houston (Arkema Houston) $20.00/$30.00
04BASFDR BASF Freeport Driver - On-site Driver Training $25.00/$35.00
04BASF01 BASF Freeport Level 1 - BASF Site Orientation $25.00/$35.00
04BASF02 BASF Freeport Level 2 - Process Area Worker Training $25.00/$35.00
12BSFDNV BASF North Geismar (formerly DNT) Site Safety $21.00/$31.00
12BASFSU BASF Site & Unit Safety Orientation (Geismar, LA) $33.00/$43.00
12BSFSUS BASF Spanish Site and Unit Safety Orientation $33.00/$43.00
03HCBASF BASF Unit Orientation $20.00/$30.00
12BASFVD BASF Vidalia-Port Allen Site Orientation $21.00/$31.00
12BASFZ BASF Zachary Site Orientation $21.00/$31.00
12BMSSO Boardwalk Louisiana Midstream Site Orientation $19.00/$29.00
20BP02 BP Amoco Contractor Site Orientation (Decatur, AL) $31.00/$41.00
20BP07 BP Amoco PSM Orientation $20.00/$30.00
20BP06A BP Annual Compliance Training Orientation A (Decatur, AL) $32.00/$42.00
20BP06B BP Annual Compliance Training Orientation B (Decatur, AL) $32.00/$42.00
20BP06C BP Annual Compliance Training Orientation C (Decatur, AL) $22.00/$32.00
12BPBIOF BP Bio-fuels Contractor Safety Orientation $33.00/$43.00
20BPC01 BP Decatur Contract Operator CERCLA Training $20.00/$30.00
20BP01 BP Decatur Works Visitor Orientation $25.00/$35.00
20BP05 BP Environmental (Decatur, AL) $21.00/$31.00
20BP04 BP ISO 14001 (Decatur, AL) $21.00/$31.00
12BPLUB BP Lubricants $21.00/$31.00
08BPLN BP Pipelines North America $25.00/$35.00
20BP03 BP Security Procedures (Decatur, AL) $21.00/$31.00
07BPDI BP Texas City Diversity and Inclusion & Code of Conduct $20.00/$30.00
07BPTC-F BP Texas City Site Specific Orientation $55.00/$65.00
13CALREF Calcasieu Refining Company Site Specific $28.00/$38.00
03HC Celanese Bishop Site Specific $25.00/$35.00
03HCUO Celanese Bishop Unit Overview $18.00/$28.00
19CLPCO Celanese Clear Lake Contractor Orientation $45.00/$55.00
19CLPSWP Celanese Clear Lake - Safe Work Permit $30.00/$40.00
19CLPS Celanese Clear Lake Shipping Services $30.00/$40.00
12CFIND CF Industries Site Orientation $21.00/$31.00
08CHALM Chalmette Refining Site Specific $30.00/$40.00
09LNG Cheniere Sabine Pass LNG $58.00/$68.00
08CP309A Chevron Oronite Authorized Electrical Person Training $20.00/$30.00
08COCCSE Chevron Oronite Confined Space Entry $10.00/$20.00
08COCFW Chevron Oronite Fire Watch $10.00/$20.00
08COCHAZ Chevron Oronite Hazard Identification $10.00/$20.00
08COCMT Chevron Oronite Muster Training $10.00/$20.00
08COC Chevron Oronite Site Orientation $20.00/$30.00
08CP309Q Chevron Oronite Qualified Electrical Person Training $20.00/$30.00
08COCROV Chevron Oronite Release of Victim Training $10.00/$20.00
08CHVTSO Chevron Pascagoula Vacuum Truck Safety Orientation $15.00/$25.00
15CVPSS Chevron Phillips Borger Refinery Contractor Orientation $30.00/$40.00
19CPCL1 Chevron Phillips Pasadena Plastics Level 1 $40.00/$50.00
19CHS CHS Laurel Refinery Site Specific $30.00/$40.00
19CHSCON CHS McPherson Conway Storage Terminal Site Specific $20.00/$30.00
19CHSCWS CHS McPherson Conway Storage Terminal Site Specific Spanish $20.00/$30.00
19CHSMCP CHS McPherson Refinery Environment, Health and Safety Orientation $30.00/$40.00
13CITCSA Citgo Confined Space Attendant $16.00/$26.00
13CITSCF Citgo Scaffold Lake Charles $20.00/$30.00
13CITPSM Citgo Process Safety Management $20.00/$30.00
13CITGO Citgo Site Specific Lake Charles $20.00/$30.00
03CT Citgo Site Specific Orientation $35.00/$45.00
03CTCS Citgo Confined Space Orientation $15.00/$25.00
09CCIBMT Coastal Caverns Site Specific (Beaumont, TX) $18.00/$28.00
08CCC Cornerstone Chemical Company (formally Cytec) $35.00/$45.00
08CCCPI Cornerstone Chemical Company Permit Initiator $20.00/$30.00
09COV Covestro Site Specific $28.00/$38.00
09COVU Covestro Unit Specific $28.00/$38.00
12CRIT Criterion (Port Allen, LA) $21.00/$31.00
18DAK DAK Multiple Site Safety Orientation $25.00/$35.00
21DCRDE Delaware City Site Specific Orientation $26.00/$36.00
1223DELT Deltech Corporation Site Specific (Baton Rouge, LA) $21.00/$31.00
09DOWBSCP Dow Beaumont Aniline Scaffold User Competent Person $28.00/$38.00
09DOWBMT Dow Beaumont Aniline Site Specific $28.00/$38.00
09DOWRTW Dow Beaumont Return to Work $28.00/$38.00
09CHEM Dow Beaumont Site Specific $43.00/$53.00
1224DOW Dow Chemical Louisiana Operations (Plaquemine, LA) $22.00/$32.00
1224DOWS Dow Chemical Louisiana (Plaquemine) Site Orientation (Spanish) $26.00/$36.00
04DOWPDC Dow Chemical PDC Hydro Indoctrination (B-6800 Freeport) $20.00/$30.00
04DOWRSS Dow Chemical Regional Site Safety (Freeport) $20.00/$30.00
19DOWCIW Dow Contractor Industrial Worker $20.00/$30.00
19DOWDR Dow Driver Safety $20.00/$30.00
04FLANGE Dow Flange - Freeport $20.00/$30.00
19DOWRSS Dow Gulf Coast Regional Site Safety Awareness $20.00/$30.00
12DOWGCP Dow Gulf Coast Pipeline $31.00/$41.00
12DOWGS Dow Gulf Stream Indoctrination $21.00/$31.00
19DOWIC Dow iCard Training $20.00/$30.00
04DOWCIW Dow Industrial Worker - Freeport $20.00/$30.00
04DOWIOE Dow Isolation of Energy - Freeport $20.00/$30.00
19DOWIOE Dow Isolation of Energy - Houston Operations $20.00/$30.00
12DOWCOM Dow LA Operations Comprehensive Course $50.00/$60.00
12DOWCPA Dow LA Operations Permit Acceptor $21.00/$31.00
04DOWOCH Dow Oyster Creek Hydrocarbons Indoctrination $20.00/$30.00
04DOWSPO Dow Site Pipeline Operation $20.00/$30.00
08SCOSSB Dow SCO Basic Site Specific Orientation $25.00/$35.00
08SCOCSA Dow SCO Confined Space Attendant $7.00/$17.00
08SCOCSE Dow SCO Confined Space Entrant $7.00/$17.00
08SCODDV Dow SCO Driver of Dow Vehicle $7.00/$17.00
08SCOLNP Dow SCO Electrical Lifts Near Power Lines $7.00/$17.00
08SCOISP Dow SCO Electrically Instructed/Skilled Persons $25.00/$35.00
08SCOEDU Dow SCO Electronic Device User $7.00/$17.00
08SCOFWA Dow SCO Fire-Watch Attendant $7.00/$17.00
08SCOHEO Dow SCO Heavy Equipment Operator $7.00/$17.00
08SCOIES Dow SCO Isolation of Energy Sources N/A
08SCOOWB Dow SCO Office Worker Basic $25.00/$35.00
08SCOSU Dow SCO Scaffold User $10.00/$20.00
08SCOFLG Dow SCO Site Flange Makeup $15.00/$25.00
19DOWSA Dow Security Awareness Contractor Training $20.00/$30.00
04DOWTSE Dow Turnaround Safety Expectation $20.00/$30.00
04DOWVDP Dow Vehicle Driving - Freeport $20.00/$30.00
19DUPBAY DuPont Bayport Site Specific $35.00/$45.00
19DUPONT DuPont La Porte $45.00/$55.00
08DURSV1 DuPont Pontchartrain Works Site Specific Orientation $30.00/$40.00
08DYNO Dyno Nobel Turnaround Site Safety Orientation $25.00/$35.00
05TXOCS Eastman Chemical Company Confined Space Permit (Longview) $35.00/$45.00
05TXO Eastman Chemical Company Site Specific (Longview) $80.00/$90.00
12ESGO Eastman St. Gabriel Site Orientation $21.00/$31.00
19SLVYB Eco Services Operations LLC - Baytown $20.00/$30.00
19SLVYH Eco Services Operations LLC - Houston $20.00/$30.00
12ENTJWL Entergy J Wayne Leonard Site Orientation $17.00/$27.00
12ENTLGY Entergy Little Gypsy Site Orientation $17.00/$27.00
09ENPBY Enterprise Products Baytown $28.00/$38.00
09ENPBMT Enterprise Products Beaumont Marine Terminals $28.00/$38.00
09ENPBPAT Enterprise Products Beaumont and Port Arthur Sites $28.00/$38.00
12ENTBP Enterprise Products - Burns Point Facility $21.00/$31.00
12ENTGEN Enterprise Products Contractor and Visitor Orientation $21.00/$31.00
12EPGENS Enterprise Products Contractor and Visitor Orientation - Spanish $21.00/$31.00
09ENPHRO Enterprise Products Houston Region Offsites - Site Specific $28.00/$38.00
19ENPHSC Enterprise Products Houston Ship Channel $20.00/$30.00
09ENPMB Enterprise Products Mont Belvieu Site Specific $28.00/$38.00
12ENTNP Enterprise Products - Neptune Facility $21.00/$31.00
12ENTNC Enterprise Products Norco Facility $21.00/$31.00
12ENTPG Enterprise Products - Pascagoula Facility $21.00/$31.00
12ENTNT Enterprise Products - North Terrabonne Facility $21.00/$31.00
12ENPPA Enterprise Products Port Allen Facility $21.00/$31.00
12ENPPX Enterprise Products - Promix Facility $21.00/$31.00
12ENTSR Enterprise Products - Sea Robin Facility $21.00/$31.00
12ENTTB Enterprise Products -Tebone Facility $21.00/$31.00
12ENTTC Enterprise Products Toca Facility $21.00/$31.00
08EVKRSV Evonik Reserve Site Specific Orientation $25.00/$35.00
08STOCK Evonik Stockhausen Site Specific (Garyville, LA) $15.00/$25.00
12EXNLC Exxon Cranes and Lifting Lift Crew $21.00/$31.00
12EXNPL Exxon Cranes and Rigging Overhead Power Lines $21.00/$31.00
12EXNRO Exxon Cranes and Rigging Rigging Operations $21.00/$31.00
12EXNLD Exxon Lift Director, Operator, and Assembly Disassembly Director $21.00/$31.00
12EXMOBR ExxonMobil (Baton Rouge, LA) $33.00/$43.00
12XOMPPA ExxonMobil Baton Rouge Plastics Plant (BRPP) Work Permit Acceptor $21.00/$31.00
19EMBAY ExxonMobil Baytown Area Sites Orientation $20.00/$30.00
19BAWPR ExxonMobil Baytown Area Work Permit (BAWP) Permit Recipient Training Bundle $110.00/$120.00
19EMBCTA ExxonMobil Baytown Complex Turnaround Unit Orientation $30.00/$40.00
09RCSP ExxonMobil Beaumont - Recra Spill Prevention $33.00/$43.00
12XOMBPA ExxonMobil BRPP Work Permission Book Training $21.00/$31.00
19EMBR ExxonMobil Billings Refinery Safety Orientation $35.00/$45.00
19EMBRA ExxonMobil Billings Refinery Alky Orientation $20.00/$30.00
19EMBOP2 ExxonMobil BOP - Mobile Crane Operations II $30.00/$40.00
19EMC393 ExxonMobil FET-393 - Lifting Near Overhead Power Lines $20.00/$30.00
19EMC394 ExxonMobil FET-394 - Cranes & Lifting Overview $20.00/$30.00
19EMC395 ExxonMobil FET-395 - Rigging Operations $20.00/$30.00
19EMC396 ExxonMobil FET-396 - Operators & Directors $20.00/$30.00
19EMC397 ExxonMobil FET-397 - Craftsperson Perfomring Rigging Tasks $20.00/$30.00
19EMSSWP ExxonMobil Short Service Worker Program $75.00/$85.00
12EXMOBP ExxonMobil Site Orientation (Pensacola, FL) $21.00/$31.00
1233FERO Ferro Corporation Site Specific (Baton Rouge, LA) $21.00/$31.00
19FHFVC FHR HCP Fire Watch, Vehicle Escort and Confined Space Attendant $20.00/$30.00
03FHRSWP FHR Safe Work Practices $18.00/$28.00
08FIRSTC First Chemical Corporation - English $15.00/$25.00
08SPFCC First Chemical Corporation - Spanish $15.00/$25.00
09FHR-OBC Flint Hills Resources Contractor OnBoarding CBT $28.00/$38.00
19FHDMR Flint Hills Resources Houston Chemical Plant DMR Responsibilities $20.00/$30.00
19PLPHOU Flint Hills Resources Houston Chemical Plant Site Specific $30.00/$40.00
1230FORM Formosa Plastics Corporation (Baton Rouge, LA) $22.00/$32.00
19FPCASB Formosa Plastics Corp. Asbestos Awareness $20.00/$30.00
19FPC13B Formosa Plastics Corp 1, 3-Butadiene $20.00/$30.00
19FPCBEN Formosa Plastics Corp Benzene $20.00/$30.00
19FPCCHR Formosa Plastics Corp Chromium VI $20.00/$30.00
19FPCSL Formosa Plastics Corp Contractor Safety Lead $30.00/$40.00
19FPCCRY Formosa Plastics Corp Cryogenic Safety Awareness $20.00/$30.00
19FPCETO Formosa Plastics Corp Ethylene Oxide $20.00/$30.00
19FPCHAZ Formosa Plastics Corp Hazardous Energy Control $20.00/$30.00
19FPCHMS Formosa Plastics Corp Hazardous Materials Security $20.00/$30.00
19FPCMTS Formosa Plastics Corp MTSA Security Awareness $20.00/$30.00
19FPCNIT Formosa Plastics Corp Nitrogen Awareness $20.00/$30.00
19FPCPMT Formosa Plastics Corp Permitting for Contractors $20.00/$30.00
19FPCGP1 Formosa Plastics Corp PSM Group 1 $20.00/$30.00
19FPCGP2 Formosa Plastics Corp PSM Group 2 $20.00/$30.00
19FPCGP3 Formosa Plastics Corp PSM Group 3 $20.00/$30.00
19FPCGP4 Formosa Plastics Corp PSM Group 4 $20.00/$30.00
19FPCGP5 Formosa Plastics Corp PSM Group 5 $20.00/$30.00
19FPCORT Formosa Plastics Corp Site Specific Orientation $30.00/$40.00
19FPCVIN Formosa Plastics Corp Vinyl Chloride $20.00/$30.00
08GALATA Galata Chemicals Site-Specific Orientation $20.00/$30.00
07GBRFQ Galveston Bay Refinery Face-to-Face $15.00/$25.00
07GBRHF Galveston Bay Refinery HF Alky 3 $40.00/$50.00
07GBRLCS Galveston Bay Refinery Life Critical Safety $45.00/$55.00
07GBRSPP Galveston Bay Refinery Safety Practices and Policies $30.00/$40.00
07GBRSAE Galveston Bay Refinery Security and Environmental $30.00/$40.00
19SYNGB GB Biosciences - Green Bayou Plant $20.00/$30.00
1232GAPC Georgia Pacific (Port Hudson) $33.00/$43.00
08GSHAC Grace SHAC Catalyst Plant $25.00/$35.00
12HEXBAY Hexion Chemicals (Baytown, LA) $19.00/$29.00
08HEXISS Hexion Site Specific (Norco LA) $15.00/$25.00
19HEXDP Hexion Specialty Chemical Site Specific (Deer Park, TX) $30.00/$40.00
24HFLSP HollyFrontier Life Saving Principles $21.00/$31.00
24HFNAV HollyFrontier Site Specific Orientation - Artesia, NM $22.00/$32.00
24HFNAVA HollyFrontier ALKY Orientation - Artesia, NM $20.00/$30.00
24HFCHY HollyFrontier Site Specific Orientation - Cheyenne, WY $22.00/$32.00
24HFCHYA HollyFrontier ALKY Orientation - Cheyenne, WY $20.00/$30.00
24HFELD HollyFrontier Site Specific Orientation - El Dorado, KS $22.00/$32.00
24HFELDA HollyFrontier ALKY Orientation - El Dorado, KS $20.00/$30.00
24HFTUL HollyFrontier Site Specific Orientation - Tulsa, OK $22.00/$32.00
24HFWX HollyFrontier Site Orientation - Woods Cross, UT $22.00/$32.00
24HFWXA HollyFrontier ALKY Orientation - Woods Cross, UT $22.00/$32.00
12HNYBP Honeywell Baton Rouge Permit Orientation $21.00/$31.00
1207HNYB Honeywell Baton Rouge Site Specific Orientation $22.00/$32.00
1206HNYG Honeywell Geismar Site Specific Orientation $33.00/$43.00
19HVNSAV HOVENSA Visitor (Christiansted, VI) $20.00/$30.00
19HVNSWP HOVENSA Work Permit (Christiansted, VI) $25.00/$35.00
19HTICOE HTI Contractor Orientation $25.00/$35.00
19HUNCO Huntsman Conroe Contractor Orientation $35.00/$45.00
19HUNTCD Huntsman Conroe & Dayton Contractor Orientation $30.00/$40.00
19HUNTIT Huntsman Conroe & Dayton IT Security $20.00/$30.00
04HUNTQM Huntsman Freeport ISO 9001 $20.00/$30.00
04HUNTFP Huntsman Freeport Site Specific $20.00/$30.00
01HNTSMN Huntsman McIntosh Site Orientation $22.00/$32.00
12IMTT IMTT Geismar Site Orientation $21.00/$31.00
08IMTT IMTT (St. Rose, Avondale, & Gretna Combined) $25.00/$35.00
19INBMC INEOS Battleground Manufacturing Complex Site Specific $30.00/$40.00
07INCB-F INEOS CBW Site Specific Orientation $40.00/$50.00
12INEOSA INEOS Oxide - All Contractor Orientation $21.00/$31.00
12INEOSF INEOS Oxide - Field Contractor Orientation $21.00/$31.00
19INESPN INEOS Styrolution Americas Bayport ESPN Project Orientation $20.00/$30.00
12INNPH Innophos Site Specific Orientation (Geismar, LA) $21.00/$31.00
12ITCBR Intercontinental Terminals Company (ITC) Site Orientation $21.00/$31.00
09INVOC Invista Combo Site Specific $38.00/$48.00
18NVST Invista Contractors Safety Orientation $24.00/$34.00
06INVVTX INVISTA Victoria Site Specific $30.00/$40.00
09JEC Jefferson Energy Companies Beaumont Site $28.00/$38.00
19JSCCS Johnson Space Center Site Specific $30.00/$40.00
01KEMMOB Kemira Mobile Manufacturing Site Specific $22.00/$32.00
19KMBOST Kinder Morgan BOSTCO Terminal Site Specific $20.00/$30.00
19KMCS Kinder Morgan Gulf Liquids Confined Space $20.00/$30.00
19KMHW Kinder Morgan Gulf Liquids How Work $20.00/$30.00
19KMLOTO Kinder Morgan Gulf Liquids Lockout Tagout $20.00/$30.00
19KMGLPR Kinder Morgan Gulf Liquids Permit Receiver $20.00/$30.00
19KMPPE Kinder Morgan Gulf Liquids Personal Protective Equipment $20.00/$30.00
19KMGLS Kinder Morgan Gulf Liquids Site-Specific $35.00/$45.00
19KMHMS Kinder Morgan Inc HAZMAT Security Orientation $45.00/$55.00
09KMCO KMCO LP Crosby TX $28.00/$38.00
19EVAL Kuraray America - EVAL Site Specific $20.00/$30.00
13LAPNRM LA Pigment NORM $24.00/$34.00
13LAPRMP LA Pigment RMP $24.00/$34.00
13LAPIG LA Pigment Safety $24.00/$34.00
13TLNG LC LNG Safety Training Orientation $48.00/$58.00
19LIMBAY Limetree Bay Terminals Site Specific $20.00/$30.00
19LIMBAS Limetree Bay Terminals Site Specific Spanish $20.00/$30.00
19LGCLK Linde Gas Clear Lake HyCO Plant $20.00/$30.00
1221DSMB Lion Copolymer (Baton Rouge, LA) $19.00/$29.00
12LIONGE Lion Copolymer (Geismar, LA) $23.00/$33.00
09LION Lion Elastomers Port Neches $28.00/$38.00
13LOTTEO LOTTE LACC-LCLA Contractor Safety Orientation $40.00/$50.00
12LSR Louisiana Sugar Refinery Safety Orientation $33.00/$43.00
09LUCITE Lucite Site Specific $28.00/$38.00
19EQULPO LyondellBasell La Porte Complex Contractor Orientation $20.00/$30.00
19EQUMTO LyondellBasell Matagorda Site Specific $20.00/$30.00
13LYB108 Lyondell Basell Site Specific Orientation Hwy 108 $36.00/$46.00
19LHR Lyondell Houston Refining LP $30.00/$40.00
19CVO LyondellBasell Channelview Site Specific $35.00/$45.00
19TSOANA Marathoon Anacortes Refinery Site Specific $40.00/$50.00
12MARCAN Marathon Canton Refinery's Contractor Safety Orienatation $29.00/$39.00
30TDCSO Marathon Dickinson Contractor Site Specific $40.00/$50.00
12MARIRD Marathon Illinois Refining Division Safety Orientation $29.00/$39.00
30LARSWP Marathon LAR Safe Work Permit $30.00/$40.00
19TLARC Marathon LAR Site Specific Orientation $40.00/$50.00
19SLAR Marathon Los Angeles Refinery Contractor Orientation $40.00/$50.00
19TMCAO Marathon Mandan Contractor Alky Orientation $30.00/$40.00
19TMCSO Marathon Mandan Contractor Site Specific Orientation $40.00/$50.00
30TMVSPO Marathon Mandan Visitor Contractor Site Specific Orientation $20.00/$30.00
30TMTZSO Marathon Martinez Site Orientation $30.00/$40.00
30TNDCS Marathon North Dakota Refineries Confined Space $30.00/$40.00
30TMFWO Marathon North Dakota Refineries Fire Watch $30.00/$40.00
30TNDPTW Marathon North Dakota Refineries Permit to Work $30.00/$40.00
19WREPLT Marathon Petroleum - El Paso Refinery Permitting and Lockout Tagout $20.00/$30.00
19WREF Marathon Petroleum - El Paso Refinery Site Specific $20.00/$30.00
19GALPHF Marathon Petroleum Gallup Refinery HF Alky Awareness $20.00/$30.00
19GALLUP Marathon Petroleum - Gallup Refinery Site Specific $30.00/$40.00
12MARHFA Marathon Petroleum - HF Acid $19.00/$29.00
19TSOSLC Marathon Petroleum Salt Lake City Refinery Site Specific $30.00/$40.00
08MAR-E Marathon Petroleum (Garyville, LA) - English $13.00/$23.00
08MARH-E Marathon Petroleum HF Unit - English $13.00/$23.00
08MAR-S Marathon Petroleum (Garyville, LA) - Spanish $13.00/$23.00
08MARH-S Marathon Petroleum HF Unit - Spanish $13.00/$23.00
19MEMCP MEMC Pasadena Site Specific $30.00/$40.00
12MTHTAR Methanex Geismar Turnaround Orientation $21.00/$31.00
12MTHNX Methanex Site Orientation (Geismar, LA) $21.00/$31.00
1235MEX Mexichem Fluor Site Orientation $19.00/$29.00
08MPC Mississippi Phosphates Corporation (Pascagoula) $15.00/$25.00
08SPMPC Mississippi Phosphates Corporation - Spanish (Pascagoula) $15.00/$25.00
12HEXGE Momentive Specialty Chemicals Inc. Orientation – St. Gabriel $19.00/$29.00
21MONROE Monroe Energy Site Specific $26.00/$36.00
12MOSLA Mosaic Louisiana Orientation $31.00/$41.00
12MOTVAS Motiva (Convent, LA) Spanish $33.00/$43.00
09PACNRM Motiva Port Arthur Chemicals NORM Awareness $28.00/$38.00
09PACSL Motiva Port Arthur Chemicals Safety Lead $28.00/$38.00
09PAC Motiva Port Arthur Chemicals Site Specific $38.00/$48.00
09PACTST Motiva Port Arthur Chemicals Task Specific Training $28.00/$38.00
1241NALC Nalco (Garyville, LA) $21.00/$31.00
19NOURBG Nouryon Battleground Contractor Orientation $20.00/$30.00
19NOULSR Nouryon Houston Life Saving Rules $20.00/$30.00
19NOURHP Nouryon Houston Process Area Contractor $45.00/$55.00
19AKZOPC Nouryon Pasadena Site Specific $30.00/$40.00
12NRGLA NRG (Big Cajun) Site Orientation $21.00/$31.00
12NUCOR Nucor Steel Louisiana Orientation $21.00/$31.00
08NUSTAR NuStar Energy Site Specific $30.00/$40.00
19ODFJEL Odfjell Terminals Site Specific $30.00/$40.00
19OTH Oiltanking Houston Site Specific $20.00/$30.00
04OLNAL Olin Freeport Aerial Lift Safety Standard $20.00/$30.00
04OLNMH Olin Freeport Mobile Hoisting $20.00/$30.00
12OLINSG Olin (St. Gabriel, LA) $21.00/$31.00
12OLINCH Olin Cell House (St. Gabriel, LA) $21.00/$31.00
12OLINTD Olin Truck Driver Orientation (St. Gabriel, LA) $21.00/$31.00
09ONEOK ONEOK Hydrocarbons - Mont Belvieu $28.00/$38.00
03OI Oxy Ingleside $35.00/$45.00
1242OCCN OxyChem (Convent, LA) $24.00/$34.00
12OXYCL OxyChem Cell Line Orientation(Geismar, LA) $21.00/$31.00
08OXYCELL OxyChem Cell Line Orientation (Taft, LA) $5.00/$15.00
08OXYCWT OxyChem Critical Worker Training (Taft, LA) $22.00/$32.00
08OXY OxyChem Site Specific (Taft, LA) $20.00/$30.00
12OXYGE OxyChem Site Orientation (Geismar, LA) $21.00/$31.00
19OXYGEN OxyChem General Procedures (Deer Park, TX) $30.00/$40.00
19OXYKEY OxyChem Key Procedures (Deer Park, TX) $30.00/$40.00
19PRSILT Pasadena Refining Lockout Tagout $20.00/$30.00
19PRSI Pasadena Refining Site Specific $35.00/$45.00
21PRCFNJ Paulsboro Refining Company Fire Watch, Confined Space Attendant and Fresh Air Overseer $35.00/$45.00
21PRCHNJ Paulsboro Refining Company HF Acid Safety $35.00/$45.00
21PRCSNJ Paulsboro Refining Company Site Specific $45.00/$55.00
12PCSNIT PCS Nitrogen (Geismar, LA) $21.00/$31.00
12PCSNITV PCS Nitrogen Visitor Orientation $21.00/$31.00
19P66B Phillips 66 Billings Refinery Contractor Orientation $35.00/$45.00
19P66BHF Phillips 66 Billings Refinery HF Alky Unit Orientation $20.00/$30.00
15P66BOR Phillips 66 Borger Refinery Contractor Orientation $30.00/$40.00
07P66FP Phillips 66 Fall Protection EXT $30.00/$40.00
19P66FHF Phillips 66 Ferndale Refinery Hydrofluoric Acid $20.00/$30.00
19P66F Phillips 66 Ferndale Refinery Site Specific $30.00/$40.00
04PHM1 Phillips 66 Level 1 $35.00/$45.00
04PHM2 Phillips 66 Level 2 $35.00/$45.00
04PHMSP1 Phillips 66 Midstream Projects Level 1 $25.00/$35.00
04PHMSP2 Phillips 66 Midstream Projects Level 2 $35.00/$45.00
07P66SS Phillips 66 Site Specific EXT $50.00/$60.00
04PHMTA Phillips 66 Turnaround Training $35.00/$45.00
08PPOLY Pinnacle Polymers Corporation $15.00/$25.00
12PRHFAK Placid Alkylation Unit Safety Orientation $21.00/$31.00
12656PRC Placid Refining (PortAllen) $23.00/$33.00
13PPGS PPG Silica Site Specific $42.00/$52.00
12PRAXGE Praxair Site Specific (Geismar, LA) $21.00/$31.00
07PRXAIR Praxair Site Specific (Texas City, TX) $30.00/$40.00
12PSPPG Praxair Sulphur and Westlake-PPG Site Orientation $21.00/$31.00
08RAIN Rain CII Contractor Safety Orientation $25.00/$35.00
12REGG REG Geismar Orientation $21.00/$31.00
12REGTD REG Geismar Truck Driver Orientation $21.00/$31.00
12REGGV REG Geismar Visitor Orientation $21.00/$31.00
12RUBCSO Rubicon Contractor Safety Orientation $21.00/$31.00
08SABIC SABIC Site Orientation (Bay St. Louis, MS) $15.00/$25.00
08SPSABC SABIC Site Orientation (Bay St. Louis, MS) - Spanish $25.00/$35.00
09FLOU16 Sabine Cogen Fall Outage 2016 $28.00/$38.00
13LCCP Sasol LCCP Orientation $30.00/$40.00
13LCCPS Sasol LCCP Orientation Spanish $30.00/$40.00
13SASEN Sasol Site Specific Orientation - English $52.00/$62.00
13SASS Sasol Site Specific Orientation - Spanish $52.00/$62.00
06SCSS Seadrift Coke Site Specific $20.00/$30.00
19CRARIG Shell Deer Park Crafts Personnel $30.00/$40.00
19CRAMEO Shell Deer Park Crafts Personnel Medium Equipment Operators $30.00/$40.00
19SCDPPO Shell Deer Park Chemical Plant Process Overview $20.00/$30.00
19SDPRC Shell Deer Park Refining Company Process Overview $20.00/$30.00
19SHELLT Shell Deer Park Site-Specific $30.00/$40.00
12654SHL Shell Geismar $22.00/$32.00
12653SV Shell Geismar Visitor $21.00/$31.00
19SHELLP Shell Permitting (Deer Park) $20.00/$30.00
12SHPALL Shell Pipeline Combined Orientation $21.00/$31.00
12SHPGAR Shell Pipeline Garyville Dry Gas Orientation $21.00/$31.00
12SHPGEN Shell Pipeline General Orientation $21.00/$31.00
12SHPNOR Shell Pipeline Norco Station Orientation $21.00/$31.00
19SHELPT Shell Projects & Technology New Hire Orientation $20.00/$30.00
19SHEPSR Shell Puget Sound Refinery Site Specific $40.00/$50.00
1268SHN Shintech (Plaquemine, LA) $21.00/$31.00
12SHVCM Shintech VCM Unit Orientation $21.00/$31.00
09SWRC Sinclair Wyoming Refinery $58.00/$68.00
12SNFFLO SNF Flopam Site Orientation $21.00/$31.00
08SNF SNF Polychemie Site Specific $30.00/$40.00
12SOLVAY Solvay Baton Rouge Site Orientation $23.00/$33.00
12SOLVIS Solvay Baton Rouge Visitor Orientation $21.00/$31.00
07SHGPLC South Houston Green Power Life Critical Safety $45.00/$55.00
07SHGP South Houston Green Power Site Specific $30.00/$40.00
08SSC Stennis Space Center Construction Safety Orientation $25.00/$35.00
19STOLT Stolthaven Houston Site Specific $20.00/$30.00
08SHVNN Stolthaven New Orleans, LLC $20.00/$30.00
08B2X Storaenso Site Specific $30.00/$40.00
07STYR-F Styrolution Texas City Site Specific $30.00/$40.00
19SUNCOR Suncor Energy Commerce City Refinery Orientation $45.00/$65.00
1220SYNG Syngenta (St. Gabriel, LA) $21.00/$31.00
12TAMES Taminco (St. Gabriel, LA) Electrical Safety Training $21.00/$31.00
12TERRA Terra Mississippi Nitrogen Site Orientation $22.00/$32.00
19TSOGE Tesoro Golden Eagle Refinery Site Specific $40.00/$50.00
19TSOSLC Tesoro Salt Lake City Refinery Site Specific $30.00/$40.00
12TOTAL Total Petrochemicals Inc. $22.00/$32.00
19TOTBP Total Petrochemicals Bayport Site Specific $20.00/$30.00
19TPC TPC Group Houston Contractor Orientation $35.00/$45.00
19TPCLC TPC Group Houston Life Critical Training $20.00/$30.00
09TURN2 TURN2 Specialty Companies $28.00/$38.00
19UBT United Bulk Terminals Davant Site Specific $20.00/$30.00
19UBTS United Bulk Terminals Davant Spanish $20.00/$30.00
12UOPBR UOP Honeywell Baton Rouge Contractor Safety Orientation $33.00/$43.00
20VLE04 Valero Energy Bundle Pad (Memphis, TN) $22.00/$32.00
20VLE03A Valero Energy Confined Space (Memphis, TN) $22.00/$32.00
20VLE05 Valero Energy LDAR (Memphis, TN) $22.00/$32.00
20VLE02 Valero Energy LOTO (Memphis, TN) $22.00/$32.00
20VLE06 Valero Energy RCRA (Memphis, TN) $22.00/$32.00
20VLE01 Valero Energy Site (Memphis, TN) $32.00/$42.00
20VLE07 Valero Energy VPP (Memphis, TN) $22.00/$32.00
08VALMX Valero Meraux Site Specific $25.00/$35.00
19VALERO Valero Houston Refinery Contractor Safety Orientation $50.00/$60.00
07VRARD Valero Refining (Ardmore, OK) $20.00/$30.00
07VRARHF Valero Refining HF Acid (Ardmore, OK) $20.00/$30.00
07VR Valero Refining Texas City Site Specific $40.00/$50.00
03VR-1W Valero Site Part 1 Web (Corpus Christi TX) $0.00/$0.00
03VR-2W Valero Site Part 2 Web (Corpus Christi TX) $52.00/$62.00
08VALERO Valero St. Charles Refinery Site Specific $20.00/$30.00
03VTRAW Valero Three Rivers - Alky Unit $18.00/$28.00
03VTRSW Valero Three Rivers - Site Orientation $40.00/$50.00
12VEOBRN Veolia Burnside Contractor Orientation $21.00/$31.00
12VEOBNV Veolia Burnside Vistior Orientation $19.00/$29.00
19VOPAK Vopak Site Specific $30.00/$40.00
12WSTGFS Westar Contractor - Gas Fired Spanish Safety Orientation $17.00/$27.00
12WSTGF Westar Contractor Safety Orientation $17.00/$27.00
19WRWV Western Refining - Wingate Facility Visitor Orientation $20.00/$30.00
12WLKPLQ Westlake Plaquemine Site and Unit Orientation $33.00/$43.00
13WSTLKN Westlake Site Specific North $50.00/$60.00
13WSTLKS Westlake Site Specific South $60.00/$70.00
1289GVC Westlake Vinyls Site Orientation $21.00/$31.00
09WHM WHM Custom Services $28.00/$38.00
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