Contractor Pre-Qualification Form

Any Contractor who has worked in an industrial plant knows the headaches that arise from completing these time-consuming forms. Personnel within the company are usually designated to take on the task of filling out multiple different PQFs for multiple different facilities. In case you weren’t aware, there IS a better way.

A Contractor can register to use the online PQF system and virtually eliminate having to fill out PQFs. How does it work? The Contactor is given a username and password to go online and access the system. One PQF is filled out electronically and posted on the Contactor’s profile. The Contractor then decides what plant facilities have access to view the PQF. This process not only saves valuable time, but it allows a single PQF to be used for as many facilities that are needed.

The cost to utilize the PQF system is free to GCSC Owner Members, and is only $199 per year for Contractor Members ($299 for non-Members).

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