Course Development
GCSC has the ability to custom develop any course according to site policies, company policies, or specific topics. All courses are created as computer-based modules, which allow the user to interact throughout the course. Our development team will work closely with you and your company to ensure the content is reaching the user appropriately, and that the computer-based module has your company's look and feel. Course development is free to all GCSC Members. Contact us today to get started.
Identity Verification
Hiring a dishonest employee, or one who misled you as to his or her identity and/or qualifications, can be extremely costly to your company. Costs associated with making a poor hiring decision have been estimated to range between half and double the respective employee's annual salary. Proper screening will help you avoid hiring employees who may be prone to committing fraud and theft. Furthermore, you may be liable for the actions of an employee if you haven't checked their criminal record.

Background Screening
Background checks give employers the critical information for making the best hiring decisions. Some of the common checks include: criminal background check, social security number verification, motor vehicle record, Patriot Act Search, and workers compensation. Many more are available, and GCSC can provide this service for you.

Why do I need background checks?
  • Better quality of applicant
  • A better workforce
  • Less turnover of employees
  • A safer workplace by avoiding employees with a violent history
  • Required by many industrial facilities
  • Courts expect employers to conduct a reasonable background check on new hires
Most employees will attend safety training at GCSC, so there would not be redundant time spent traveling. It is easy, fast, accurate, and available right here on the website. The employer can verify background screens online while verifying safety training records, thus eliminating paper trail and time spent filing records.

Social Security Verification
A Social Security Number Verification is a one-time, non-reoccurring event. It is required by GCSC for all individuals who wish to receive training at our facility. It is crucial for employers, as well as GCSC, to know that individuals are who they say they are. The cost for this service is $5.00 for Members and $7.50 for non-Members.

Visit our Resources page for Background Screening documentation or contact us for more information.
Medical Services
Core Occupational - St. Rose location Suite 107
The number one goal at CORE is to assist employees in achieving optimal health -- whether through education, medical surveillance, prevention, or delivering timely medical care. Core strives to assist clients in maintaining a healthy and productive workforce, thus minimizing your risk exposure and increasing your competitive edge. Core's philosophy is that proactive safety, hygiene, and medical program management results in successful outcomes for the employee and the company with both long term economical and health benefits.

Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 6:30am - 3:30pm

  • Work Injuries
  • Pre-employment exams
  • DOT Exams
  • Drug Screens
  • Medical Surveillance Exams
  • Annual Exams
  • Hearing Testing
  • FIT Testing
  • X-rays
  • Flu Shots/Vaccines
  • Annual Exams

  • Click here to schedule medical services
    Online Contractor Pre-Qualification
    Any Contractor who has worked in an industrial plant knows the headaches that arise from completing these time-consuming forms. Personnel within the company are usually designated to take on the task of filling out multiple different PQFs for multiple different facilities. In case you weren’t aware, there IS a better way.

    A Contractor can register to use the online PQF system and virtually eliminate having to fill out PQFs. How does it work? The Contactor is given a username and password to go online and access the system. One PQF is filled out electronically and posted on the Contactor’s profile. The Contractor then decides what plant facilities have access to view the PQF. This process not only saves valuable time, but it allows a single PQF to be used for as many facilities that are needed.

    The cost to utilize the PQF system is free to GCSC Owner Members, and is only $199 per year for Contractor Members ($299 for non-Members).

    Click here to register or click here for more information

    Miscellaneous Services
    GCSC is considered to be a reliable resource by Owners and Contractors throughout the Gulf Coast Region. We can provide many professional services in the following areas:
    • Research (regulations and practices)
    • Development (training, handbooks, safety programs)
    • Reviews
    • Audits
    • Employee Badging
    If you are interested in learning more about utilizing the professional services that GCSC has to offer, feel free to contact us.